Month: November 2018

How Split Air Conditioner Works

Air conditioning is indeed a necessity today in most homes in North America. Home air conditioners regulate both high temperatures and humidity. A split air conditioner is a type of air conditioner that works by blowing cold air from units mounted on your wall.

A residential split air conditioner has two separate parts which gives it its name. It has an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit consists of the compressor and the condenser coils while the indoor unit has the blower and the evaporator coils. This is most popular central air conditioning unit. One reason why it’s split is because it keeps the cool inside and the hot outside.

Here’s how a split air conditioner works: A refrigerant will be pressurized in the compressor which will also cause the gas’ heat to rise. The pressurized gas will then go through a series of tubes which will… read full article

Tips & Pointers on Choosing a Qualified Plumber

There are all sorts of fixtures pipes and other forms of plumbing running through your house. Due to the amount of water a household can use these pipes and fixtures get just as much use as any other thing you own. Due this fact alone it should not be surprising that you may have a problem with your plumbing from time to time. When a plumbing problem arises many times we may wonder how to locate a trustworthy and qualified plumber.

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Here are a few tips and pointers which will help you find a plumbing company which is respectable in your community, on who will make the trip to your home and fix all your plumbing issues.

1. Word of Mouth

No one is immune to plumbing problems so if you are facing some reach out to trustworthy family and friends and inquire who they went with … read full article

Faulty HVAC Systems

Heating, cooling and air conditioning (HVAC) systems use a number of electronic components and safety measures and procedures to control and manage the flow of current in your system and to ensure that it will not impose any harm to you or your unit. Issues regarding these wirings like faulty wirings, loose connections and exposure of broken wires can damage the HVAC system which may result in its malfunction which in turn disrupts the comfort you wish to be in. It is important to address these problems directly and professionally as it may determine your fate, health, and expenses.

Different types of electrical wires actually supply current to different components of the HVAC system. As the days pass, these wires may lose its original capacity. They may get dislodged or lose contact with its power source, thus resulting in discrepancies on how your HVAC system works. This will also disrupt … read full article

Different Types of Air Conditioners on the Market

The latest air conditioners on the market are much more energy-efficient, quieter, and are easier to install in a home compared to the units that were available a couple of years ago.  In this article, provides a comprehensive overview of the major types of air conditioners on the market and their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Wall Mounted Units – These units are mounted on a wall using a metal sleeve through the wall. Then, the AC unit is slid from the inside. These units are available as cooling-only, or heating and cooling units.

Pros: They are aesthetically appealing while fitting better than window units. It is easy to repair or replace these units, and no storage is required. The best part is, even you have one window in your room, the wall-mounted unit will let the sunlight into your room.

Cons: Installation costs a lot. The homeowner needs … read full article