Month: October 2019

7 Biggest Mistakes HVAC Companies Make

HVAC ProblemsJust like normal people, HVAC contractors, when doing some maintenance or repairs on customer’s Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, also make mistakes that lead to hurting their businesses or sometimes their customers. Let’s see what the common and the biggest mistakes are.

1. Lack of combustion safety knowledge. When your HVAC system releases carbon monoxide, your alarm would go off and you then start calling a contractor. When it comes to problems like this, contractors often go straight to the heat exchanger to determine if there are any cracks or damages that may cause the unit to release the gas. Although, there are times that they won’t find any yet, the carbon monoxide alarm would still go off. Contractors will then go to conclusions that the problem is not with the unit, rather the alarm. So it results to them changing the alarm’s batteries.

Most contractors don’t … read full article

Why Change Your Roof’s Pitch And What It Entails?

changing roof pitchAccording to Blue Chip Roofing, if you have contemplated changing the ceiling inside your home to a vaulted setup or to change the roofing from a ranch style to a bungalow or cottage look, then you will have one hurdle to overcome – the pitch of your roof.

A roof’s pitch is the steepness, slant, or gradient of its slope. The ridges, walls, and even the roofing rafters influence the pitch. The same thing applies when you are thinking of installing an attic; meaning the space will be a factor to consider.

A lot goes into changing the pitch of your roof; there is more to it than replacing the roofing materials. You, therefore, should avoid viewing this as a standard roof replacement project. Installing a new roof entails ripping apart of the old shingles and any damaged parts, such as the flashing, decking, or gutters, to make room … read full article