A Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Your Hardwood Floor Warm

Aesthetics are important in today’s real estate market and hardwood flooring is one of the most attractive aesthetic features any home can present. Despite the elegant appearance, hardwood is an unpleasantly cold type of flooring and can be very uncomfortable during winter months. Of course, there is the option of heating the flooring to eliminate this discomfort; however, hardwood is often prone to warping if not heated in the correct manner. To avoid these problems and enjoy attractive wooden flooring, this article will provide some information on how to manage heating and air conditioning systems effectively for your flooring needs.

Comfort or Aesthetic?

Is aesthetic appeal worth discomfort? Do you really want to pull on woolen socks every time you need the bathroom or walk across the room for a glass of water? More often than not the answer is no; but, how do you go merging comfort with hardwood aesthetic?

A popular method of avoiding cold floors is under floor heating; however, this is typically successful for stone or tile options as wooden flooring has a tendency to warp. Furthermore, a central heating system can destroy the wood if the temperature is too high due to reduced humidity in the air. It seems the situation is hopeless, but fear not! There are some tips to help with heating the hardwood floor keeping the home beautiful and comfortable.

1. Insulation

HeatingInsulation is essential for the effective running of any heating and air conditioning system and is particularly important if you are looking to heat a hardwood floor. By improving the insulation on the windows and doors, you will be able to adjust the system’s temperature to a lower degree and maintain a steady humidity in the air. This means that the heat stays inside the house without leaking out through the windows or doors, AND wooden flooring has less chance of drying out or being destroyed.

2. Using Rugs

It may be disappointing to place a large rug over the shiny, attractive hardwood flooring; however, a tasteful rug is a better option than the warping and cracking of wooden panels. The thick rug will keep the hardwood flooring warm without having to turn up any central heating AND will allow you to walk along the wooden flooring in comfort. You may be asking: why have hardwood if you are just going to cover it in a carpet? Don’t worry; this is the case in winter. In summer, you can roll the rug away and enjoy the cool, stylish hardwood flooring to your heart’s content.

3. Humidifiers

Humidity is not something many people consider when managing heat or air conditioning systems; however, it is more important than one can imagine. To maintain a hardwood floor, it is important to remember that wooden panels require a particular level of moisture in the air to avoid drying out. If humidity falls below 30%, it is possible that the wood may crack, warp and be destroyed. This is why many houses with wooden flooring use humidifiers to counteract any damaging effects air conditioners, or central heating systems may have. Furthermore, the humidifiers can have positive effects on a person’s health while protecting the wooden flooring.