Different Types of Air Conditioners on the Market

The latest air conditioners on the market are much more energy-efficient, quieter, and are easier to install in a home compared to the units that were available a couple of years ago.  In this article, we provide a comprehensive overview of the major types of air conditioners on the market and their advantages as well as disadvantages.

Wall Mounted Units – These units are mounted on a wall using a metal sleeve through the wall. Then, the AC unit is slid from the inside. These units are available as cooling-only, or heating and cooling units.

Pros: They are aesthetically appealing while fitting better than window units. It is easy to repair or replace these units, and no storage is required. The best part is, even you have one window in your room, the wall-mounted unit will let the sunlight into your room.

Cons: Installation costs a lot. The homeowner needs to cut an opening through the wall. If you purchase a larger unit, you may have to install a dedicated 220-volt line. Most of the brands don’t provide the metal sleeve which will have to be purchased separately. It may cost you between $50 to $100.

Price: This unit will cost $400 (cooling a room of 400-700 square foot) or $700 for cooling a 1,000 square foot room.

Window Mounted Units – This is a very common type of air conditioner on the market. They are made to temporarily slide into a double-hung window opening. They are available as cooling-only units or heating and cooling units.

Pros: These units are quite easier to install and works with the existing wiring. They are low-cost compared to the other types highlighted in this article.

Cons: These units will fit only double-hung windows. You will require t remove these units at the end of the summer season if you happen to live in the North.

Prices: A unit that can cool a 100-square-foot room will cost only $200. If you are looking for a bigger unit that cools a room between 200 to 500-square-foot, it will cost you $400. If you buy a model that is worth $800, you can cool a room between 700 to 900-square-foot.

Wall/Window Mounted – These units can be permanently installed in a wall or temporarily installed in a window.

Pros: This is the best component if you want an AC for your rental apartment window and plan to install it in a wall later on.

Cons: These units don’t come with the window installation kits such as the bolts, nuts, and frame required to secure the unit to a window. You may sometimes need a dedicated 220-volt depending on the plug type of the unit.

Price: These units cost the same as wall-mounted units.

Portable AC Units – This is a mobile unit on wheels. It can be rolled from one room to another. There is a tube that comes with the unit to exhaust heat out of the window.

Pros: Very easy to store when the hot season is over.

Cons: This unit is a bit expensive compared to other air conditioners on the market. It also takes a lot of floor space.

Prices: A unit that can cool a 150-300-square-foot room cost only $700. If you are looking for a unit that cools more than 500-square-feet, you will have to pay $1,000 or more.