baseboard heater

Baseboard Heaters

Most homeowners don’t realize this but heating and cooling systems contribute around 70% of the annual energy consumption and electricity bills.  This makes it essential to maintain your heating and cooling system and equipment on an annual basis, regardless of the type of HVAC system you have. Whether it be a forced air furnace, central air, geothermal heat pump or any other HVAC unit, you will keep the repairman away if you maintain your system on a regular basis.

Another way to lower your utility costs is to install an energy efficient system.  However, this alone will not have as great an impact on your electricity bills as using a whole-house approach.

If you properly insulate your home, caulk and weatherstrip doors and windows, manage your thermostat settings, buy the most energy efficient system on the market, and regularly maintain, your can reduce your utility expenses by 30%.  This is … read full article