Taking Care of your Split System Air Conditioner

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Global warming is now an issue all over the world. Especially during the summer season where the intense heat of the sun makes us all feel hot and sweaty all day long, add to that the high levels of humidity making us feel sticky throughout the day, having a split system air conditioner is a welcome respite all of us are longing for.

Proper and regular split system air conditioner maintenance can extend the lifespan and boost the efficiency of your cooling unit.

We all want our cooling units to run efficiently and deliver reliable cooling comfort when we need it the most and not run like a slog. The last thing you want to happen is for your air conditioner to break down in the middle of summer where the heat is not only the issue but the long line of other customers waiting for their cooling units to be serviced by AC experts. Hence, the maintenance of your split system air conditioner should be your top priority. It’s your only resort to stay sane and comfy as the temperature outside skyrockets.

Now, the question is, how do you take care and maintain your split system air conditioner? Heed the following suggestions on how to do it:

  • Take care of the air filter – it’s the most important part of your unit. They make sure dust and any other particles don’t accumulate, so filters are likely to end up clogged with dirt, dust and all very quickly. Replace them once every two to three months, so it doesn’t clog your unit. Remember that you can only get clean air if you likewise have clean air filters. If you fail to take care of your air filters, it will be more expensive for you to maintain and fix your entire system.
  • Maintain the unit fans – unit fans often break down because of the buildup of dirt and dust or having loose blades. Now, you can finally enjoy a relatively quiet and clean fan blades. Open your split system air conditioner and clean the fans thoroughly. Clean the fan blades using a mild detergent and tighten loose blades. Before closing the unit and turning on the power supply, make sure it is completely dry for your safety.
  • Clean the compressor – compressors use low-volume and low-pressure gas and converts it into a high-volume and high-pressure gas, which is what your system needs. Also, it ensures that vapor doesn’t accumulate in your evaporator. For a smooth operation, make sure your compressor is always clean. When cleaning, use an oil specially made for this purpose.
  • Maintain a working evaporator – the cool air first passes through the evaporator coil where heat absorption takes place and cooling occurs before coming out of your split system air conditioner. If you have an older and poorly maintained unit, a replacement is your best recourse. Your system will have better air flow and circulation if the evaporator is new.
  • Clean the air ducts – don’t skip this important AC maintenance step. The system’s air duct ensures that the cool air circulates in a particular area. However, they are more likely to accumulate dust and grime quickly. Clean it occasionally to get rid of dust and allow the clean air to flow.
  • Maintain an adequate level of refrigerant – sometimes, the refrigerant level goes down and lead to performance issues. More often than not, leaks are the main reason for it. So, your unit still won’t work even if you just replaced the air filters recently. Also, ice can build up in the tubes. This time, hire an AC technician to fix this problem for you. They can get rid of clogs in the tube and determine if the refrigerant level is still enough.

If you have a well-maintained system, you can save on utility bills. Split system air conditioners use less electricity if maintained properly. Meanwhile, you’ll spend a lot on electricity costs if you neglect to maintain your AC.

Moreover, keep in mind to not put your system somewhere that is directly hit by sunlight. Keep vegetation, plant, and grass away from the system to lessen its load. Most of all, keep the system away from dusty areas. You can only beat the heat if you have a fully-working and well-maintained split system air conditioner.