Pros and Cons of Major Brands of Air Conditioners

Compared to units made some years back, air conditioners are becoming more energy effective, noiseless, and easier to mount and maintain. Below are the main brands of air conditioners, with their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Window mounted

It is the most common type of air conditioners and has units that shortly glide into openings of double-hung windows. If your house is situated in a place with a moderate temperature, you can purchase a unit for cooling only or a unit for either cooling or heating, for additional heat.

Advantages: the window-mounted air conditioner is inexpensive. Easy to install and a lot of them work with the already installed wiring in your house.

Disadvantages: window mounted are originally designed for windows that are double hung. It is advisable to take away the units come end of the season if you stay in the north.

Prices: To cool a 100 square-foot room it costs less than $200, and to cool a 200-500 square-foot room, it costs $400. You can acquire a unit that cools or heats a room of about 700 to 900 square foot, if you upgrade to an $800 model.

2. Wall mounted

Air ConditionersThis is another type that is always mounted in a wall, via attaching a metal sleeve through the wall and gliding in the AC framework from inside. Wall-mounted air conditioners are of two types, cooling only and cooling or heating ranges.

Advantages: they are appealing aesthetically and have a more secure fit as compared to the window-mounted type. They don’t require storage and are easily repaired and replaced. Regardless of the number of windows you have in the room, wall-mounted models still allow sunlight into the room.

Disadvantages: its installation is costly since an opening is made through an outside wall larger unit’s installation require a devoted 220-volt line. Many models don’t have an exterior metal sleeve which in this case is purchased separately, and may cost $50 to $100.

Prices: to cool a 400-700 square foot room, it costs about $400 and to cool a 1000 square foot room it costs approximately $700.

3. Window/wall-mounted

This type of air conditioner can be installed temporarily in a windowed or mounted permanently in a wall, making it versatile.

Advantage: it is perfect if you are buying an air conditioner to install in a rental apartment and you would probably install it in your home wall later.

Disadvantage: window/wall-mounted models usually don’t have window installation tools like the bolts, nuts and frames required for safe window installation. You may require a devote 220-volt circuit subject to the plug type or amperage of the unit.

Prices: they are the same as those for the wall-mounted models.

4. Portable

His is an air conditioner that is portable since it is on wheels and can be moved from one room to another. It has an exhaust tube to remove heat out of a window or through an opening on the wall.

Advantages: it is easy convenient and easy to store when the season is finished

Disadvantages: it is a bit higher on the pricing scale compared to the window-mounted units. It takes up a lot of flooring space and its exhaust tube must be fitted every time it moves.

Prices: For cooling a 150-300 square foot room, it costs $700 and for a 500 square foot room, $1000.